The new life of Anna Osadcenko


The explosive star of the Stuttgart Ballet talks her personal and professional life and reveals to ALESSANDRO BIZZOTTO why today, after becoming a mother, anger is like water on a duck’s back for her. Yet something hasn’t changed: her metabolism is still incredibly fast and she still enjoys putting herself to the test of dancing new characters. After all, according to her, a Principal must make the best out of every role.

Anna Osadcenko in 'The Sleeping Beauty' with Friedemann Vogel © Stuttgart Ballet

“I will call you in two minutes.” Anna Osadcenko punctually sends me a WhatsApp message the morning we are scheduled to talk. We have a video call, this time. We haven’t met for seventeen months more or less. Our last interview took place at the Stuttgart Opera House just a few months before her maternity leave, at the end of a rehearsal of “The Sleeping Beauty” pas de deux. However, it is always both easy and fun to talk to her. She is polite and straightforward at the same time, and has a nice sense of humor.
Anna is back to work after having a daughter in 2017. When I see her on the screen, as radiant as always, I really have the impression nothing has changed since our last chat in Stuttgart.
The fact that she is one of the most luminous stars (if not the most luminous one) of the world-renowned German ballet company is undeniable. I very well remember her impressive debut as Olga in “Onegin” years ago, one of the very first leading roles she had. Her performance of Cranko’s “Swan Lake” opposite Filip Barankiewicz, then, is still one of my best memories connected to Petipa’s famous classic. Born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, she started receiving ballet lessons at the Academie A. B. Selesnew before moving to Stuttgart and attending the John Cranko School.

Anna Osadcenko in 'Variations for Two Couples' with Jason Reilly © Stuttgart Ballet

Why Stuttgart, after leaving your home country?

I was about fifteen when I moved to Europe. My mother’s family moved to Germany before us and she looked for the best ballet schools for me, asking around and getting information, and nearly everyone mentioned her Munich, Berlin or Stuttgart as far as the best ballet schools in Germany were concerned. We chose Stuttgart as my family was about to settle just one hour away from the city. They took me right away here. A part of myself was skeptical, actually – I was worried about leaving the classical repertoire behind me, once in Western Europe, and ending up dancing just modern and contemporary. It didn’t happen, of course! My teachers’ method was Vaganova based and they were even able to speak Russian to me as, at that time, I couldn’t speak English nor German that well..

Anna Osadcenko in Robbins' 'Dances at a Gathering' © Stuttgart Ballet

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