Yannick Boquin


Real Talk with Ballet Master Yannick Boquin

By Armando Braswell

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Yannick Boquin is an expert guest ballet master. He trained at the Paris Opera and the National Conservatory of Paris. Boquin was a principle dancer with Bonn Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Rome Opera Ballet and Deutsche Oper Berlin. He is currently teaching and coaching top companies all over the world.

A few words about giving a warm class as opposed to a full class?


In some companies, not all, they ask me to give a warm up before the performance that is 30 minutes long.  I am not a teacher that would just repeat the morning barre. After a day of work and rehearsal the dancers don't need another full barre.  I try to give the barre I would want as a dancer. I give simple exercises so that the dancers aren't going crazy with steps before the performance. A few tendus. I mix ronds de jambe En l'air and petits battements. I would do ronds de jambe à terre and fondus together. I could do a 20 minute barre and a ten minute center. In center I would combine tendus and pirouettes. I would do a small jete or fondu again with pirouettes. Then I would do a short pirouette combination with en dehors and en dedans. I add in 4 small jumps plus Sissonne and Tours en l’air for the men. I can fit that all into 30 minutes.

What makes your ballet class? Is there one thing in particular? A few words about your method?


The best would be to ask dancers this question about me.  I use a lot the coordination of the arms. I don't just work the legs. The back and the epaulement are also very important. I like to think that I concentrate on this more than the average ballet teacher. So many things ...

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Photos: "Le ring", Ch. Maurice Béjart, Photo Kranich
Teaching Photo by Costin Radu 


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