Simplicity’s depth and beauty: Time Takes The Time Time Takes

In a serene white atmosphere five dancers and a musician stand elegantly aligned at one side of the stage, as if time had stopped. Time is one of the arts’ —in the broadest sense of the word— obsessions and challenges, one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Guy Nader and Maria Campos propose us to forget about ‘narrative tenses’ by hypnotising the audience with increasing dangling movements. As Nader puts it: “we conceive time as cyclic and not linear, as if there were no past or future”.

A week before TTTTTT’s premiere at Mercat de les Flors in the frame of Aerowaves’ Spring Forward Festival, I pay Guy Nader and Maria Campos a visit at El Graner, where they have been working on the piece for the last month. Based in Barcelona they form a dance ensemble. From different countries —he is Lebanese and she is Catalan— and different artistic paths: while he trained as an actor and studied dramaturgy in Beirut, she studied at SEAD in Austria and graduates from Amsterdam’s School of the Arts (MTD). Their artistic partnership found some obstacles until they could premiere their first work together in 2009: Between Barcelona & Beirut. MORE

Interview by Claáudia Brufau

Photos: Tt photo by Alfred Mauve
Zenith photo by d'Anna Arroyo

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