Evan McKie: Theatre has been a savior for me!


Evan McKie about his move from Stuttgart to Canada and the difficulties to leave loving past behind

How has life been for you since our last interview?

Well, only intense highs and lows have pushed me forward from our last talk a few years ago.
I have been very lucky to have come in contact with some extraordinary roles, artists and audiences. Dancing John Neumeier’s Iago in ‘’Othello’’ in Stuttgart and his Diaghilev in ‘’Nijinsky’’ in Canada were both extraordinary characters and gave me chances to keep pushing myself in different directions. Also dancing more of the Cranko repertoire in Stuttgart was incredible. I can never pick a favorite between Onegin, Initials, Lady and the Fool, Romeo…

They are all so pure in style. Working with William Forsythe in Stuttgart was also something that felt so exciting and necessary for all the physical expression that builds up in our bodies and needs an outlet! He and his team helped us look for new questions and answers in our physicality and his energy is so motivational! Working with both Forsythe and Neumeier came at a very valuable time for me when I was starting to become sure that I was going to have to make an impending personal-life transition. I won’t get into the whole story here because it is too painful and I try to move past it. Essentially there were some personal complications that needed both resolution and also some active movement forwards… I wanted to work on myself as a person and a big part of that meant I didn’t want to try to force anyone to love me anymore. At a certain point, even when you love a person or place with all your heart and imagine a great future, if you aren’t loved back then you have to let it go. It was nearly impossible for me to recognize this. There were many reasons why I needed “movement" at that time and so I just forced myself to do it.

How was your sudden break from Stuttgart?

The months in Stuttgart were very difficult after I told everybody that I needed some time with my family in Toronto and that I had suddenly decided to ask Karen Kain if I could join her Canadian company full-time. It is difficult to leave a place you never thought you would leave...

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Interview by Mihaela Vieru

Photos: Francesco Gabriele Frola, Evan McKie and Guillaume Côté in Nijinsky. Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada. / Evan McKie and Jurgita Dronina in rehearsal for The Winter’s Tale. Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada./ Svetlana Lunkina and Evan McKie in The Nutcracker. Photo by Bruce Zinger, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada./Evan McKie and Svetlana Lunkina in Chroma. Photo by Karolina Kuras, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada.




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