COREganized from Head to Toe with BENITO GARCIA


Core stability, organization and balance are three key elements of COREGANIZE 360, a self-care program for dancers that doesn’t only increase the longevity of a dancer’s career, but also helps them achieve more success faster.

COREganize 360 stands for a perfect balance of organization and stability. As Benito says, “practice brings you closer to perfection… as long as you are practicing the right things.” COREganize 360 teaches dancers how to organize themselves from head to toe so they can be stable and calm in performance and competition situations, despite the jitters and distractions. How? – COREganize 360 replaces unfavorable habits by new ones, which are based on advanced physiological concepts and which support an optimal performance.

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Photos: Benito Garcia © Alexander Rowan
Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach © Alexander Rowan - DanceSport Photography anceSport Photography

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